A state of fascinating


Dear everyone. Have you ever been in a state of fascinating of something? , or someone? . Not just like, er… I like football, I like pingpone. I like Iphone, dears. That not what I am talking about. Today what I want to talk is fascinating.

If you are in a state of fascinating. First, you will keep thinking about it. Second, you will take actions to implement things in your mind. Third, you may make dream of it. You may say , hey, Andrew, that is not fascinating, that is addicting. Hey friends, wait a second. The forth trait of fascinating is Proactive. Addiction is sometimes passive. For example, addict smoking, you can't control yourself. Addiction is like you lost your control.

Some story from myself. Once upon a time, my desktop pc at home is a bit outdated. Especially the cpu and video card. And I am thinking about make some upgrades and make it reusable. Soon, it make me fall into a state of fascinating. My head is full of CPU, RAM, GPU, GTX 1070, or GTX 1080. I7 6700 or i5 6600, with k or not k? My YouTube record is all about benchmark , which mother board, you should choose, things like that. I really want to talk it with someone. Once, I tried to ignite a discussion with my wife. "hey , I am upgrading our home PC", wife replied, "em". "the configuration ,the hardware I pick is fairly powerful while economic", my wife replied "em". Sad, conversation end. Finally, I get a fairly good machine, running extremely smooth now.

The whole experience is not just about buying that and this, it is all about learning and why and take action.

Another story. Several years ago, I read news from mainstream media like baidu and wechat. One day, I open baidu news technology section, and read a line of news "which kind apple is the best, from Shangdong or Heibei"? In weixin? You will read news like "read quick or it will be deleted soon" I was start disappointing about the news from the main stream sites. And I start creating one of my own information reader. I called it azreader. A pure rss reader. I started by learning the RSS and Feed protocol, then build a server with Sql Server. Then create the schema. UI. Again , I fall into the state of fascinating. I write code in my spare time, and even writing code in my dream. It is open for everyone , non-profit. If you are interested it . You can try it by http://azreader.net.

When I was in a state of fascinating. I feel that I can focus on something for a long time. Not just 25 minutes , but several hours in doing one thing. And feel satisfied when I make something out.

Fascinating is a state of wanting to learn , to find out the root cause and why in the back. And take action to make something right. And all in all in the state of fascinating is enjoyable.